AIB’s Take On iPhone X Is Much Better Than Apple’s

Credit: Apple

So there are two things or people in India that never get out of controversies number 1. Kangna Ranaut and the other one our own comedy house AIB. ever wondered? what will happen if two collaborate? my answer Shit load of fun, don’t believe me and watch this.

The Diva Song! it was fun right. but that’s not enough  if you’re not into Bollywood and don’t give a damn about any of this, Worry not my friend because AIB got our back . AIB is not all about Bollywood they are into tech too so, they decided to make their own version of Ad for the recently launched iPhone X (pronounced 10) and oh boy is it good watch yourself.


it was like all the kidney memes done in one video and how original Damn! and in any case you didn’t saw the real one, here it is.



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