5 Apps To Pimp Up Your Android Phone


Android is one of the leading mobile Operating System. You can easily buy an android phone without killing your wallet. But this is not the best part of it, The thing that makes the Android top of its league is its beauty to customize any part of it.

So, we’re gonna check it out 5 best Android apps to customise your Android Phones. And make it less boring.


Evie Launcher

Image Source: Google Play Store

Evie launcher is one of the most lightweight and fully customizable launcher, Which is available on play store for free and allows you to change the icon size, make the grid on your home screen and much more. Its gesture-based controls make it seamless to use and the universal search bar on the home screen is a cherry on the top.




Gif Is Optimized

HexShaders is Collection of mesmerizing live wallpapers that don’t hog up a lot of space and despite being a live wallpaper it is idle on your battery life too, Because instead of traditional square pixels it is using low-resolution hexagonal pixels, Which also makes it look artsy. Inside the app, You also gets the option to change the detail level and timescale.


Material Cards Icon Pack

Image Source: Google Play Store

The main difference between the app store and play store is that app store lacks the most important aspect of a customization in any mobile OS, An icon pack and Play Store boasts an abundance of Icon Packs, One of them is Material Cards Icon Pack. These are Handmade icons, Based on Material Design that comes with over 1100+ icons including a whole bunch of matching wallpapers which rightfully complements your setup.


KWGT Widget

Image Source: Google Play Store

KWGT is a widget maker that lets you create your own widget or you can download “Ocea for KWGT”. It’s a pre-made widget pack that comes with over 250 widgets plus 70 wallpapers. Which gives you tons of option to customize and play with different types of widget and wallpaper combinations.


Cheetah keyboard

Image Source: Google Play Store

Unlike other custom keyboards, Cheetah takes the cake on customization department with there 3D themes,
that you can’t find on any other custom keyboard. And when even the premade themes are not enough for you, that’s where the DIY option shines. It lets you create your own theme with using your picture, font, button style and typing sound.



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