Facebook Snooze: A New Feature You Never Wanted

Facebook Snooze

Today Facebook launched a new feature that we didn’t know we wanted, until now. A Facebook snooze button for a Person, Page or a group.

Everyone has this one annoying friend who we can’t block or unfriend for reasons duhh.  That’s Why the only option we’re left with is to unfollow them. But it’s permanent and you have to follow them again. So you don’t forget about the only friend you have.  This is Where this Facebook Snooze completes the bridge. It lets you Snooze someone for 30 Days, Means you will not see any posts from them on your feed.

See demonstration below the post to know how to use this new feature.

Facebook Snooze has been started to rolling out globally make sure you have the updated version of Facebook. it also appears that Snooze is not yet available for Facebook desktop.

Facebook Snooze


What do you think about this new feature? Comment below if you’re going to actually use it or not.


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