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Matsuo Bashō once said “Everyday is a journey, and the journey itself is a home.” this applies quite literally, in this digital era more specifically YouTube era. You can wander all around the world without leaving the comfort of your home, all thanks to our YouTube vloggers. They do all the hard work just so you can see the world with a totally different perspective.

Watching all these vloggers involved in some interesting stuff is all cool & fun until you get lost and overwhelmed by the number of these kinds of videos. In the end you probably miss out the quality content.

That’s why I spent my last weekend watching all these YouTube vlogs (Yep i got too much time in my hands)and hand-picked the best out of the best travel vloggers on youtube.


Best YouTube Travel Vloggers


This Professional freestyle skiers can do anything from sick ski moves to mesmerizing vlogs. one day he’s sking in Sweden and the next day surfing on the French Riviera. He’s doing all these while handling his bag company (Douchebags). Jon and his fiancée is redifining the the term vloggers.


Mark Wiens is the founder of two websites: and Eating Thai Food. Mostly known for his orgasmic facial expression when he eats almost anything. You are probably gonna forget the count of time watching him eat. It’s almost mouth watering to see him chow down different kind of street food from all around the world.


Its a duo of Award-winning travel videographers, photographers, and writers. he and his brother Alex Ayling have become known on YouTube as seasoned travel vloggers. The two have profiled countless cities around the world and provided a wide range of travel guides for their more than 500,000 YouTube subscribers.


Kombi Life is a series of unique adventure travel projects, filmed and produced by a bunch of ordinary people turned nomadic explorers. Traveling on a Volkswagen Bus. This is the best YouTube channel which can be recommended to any age group. Watching kombi life changes your perspective on life and inspires you at the same time.


Chris Broad is a British guy living in Japan. If you have any intention of moving out to Japan you probably have a shit ton of question in your mind. Chris gives you all the answers to your questions while showing you what Japan has to offer.


Bonus Vlogger

If you know anything about travel vlogs you probably have seen some of his videos or atleast heard about him. His distinct orange and teal color look has inspired a lot of youtubers. Watch for yourself why. (warning once started you can’t stop)


Also check it out some: Chill lo-fi tracks


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