The Ancient Truth About Internet That Will Blow Your Mind


Guy’s this is a serious article about the very important invention that mankind ever had. Yes, our very own “INTERNET”.

All this time they’re lying about the correct time of this invention, and totally manipulated us into thinking that Americans are the one behind the invention of the Internet.

But as someone said I don’t know who, but someone did say once that “You can run with a lie but you can’t hide from the truth”.

And finally our lord and savior Biplab Deb debunked this propaganda. Which is making Americans look inferior in front of the world. By the way, he also happens to be the Cheif Minister of Tripura.

I’m About to Blow Your Mind

“Internet” and ” Satellite” existed since Mahabharata era.


Not mine his word.

I mean all this year we’ve been lied. It’s so clear now. If you still think this is the stupidest shit you’ve read on the Internet, Let me stop you there. and give you the proof.

Note: all the pictures below are provided by the pure, pious and the most intellectual persons of Twitter, who you can you blindly trust.




I hope this is enough to make you believe that they do have the Internet way before us. *But, uh Rishu this is all photoshop*. Wrong, you fuckin dimwit they don’t have the photoshop back then.

Fight me.


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